KLCA대한간암학회는간암 진료와 연구, 정책 마련의 핵심이 되는 학회입니다.


제15차 대한간암연구학회 총회 심포지엄

  • Session I : Prevalence, risk factors, and early detection of HCC
  • Changes in prevalence of HCC in Korea - 원영주(국립암센터)
  • Risk factors and preventive measures for HCC - 박능화(울산의대)
  • Early detection of HCC: What is the best strategy? - 김도영(연세의대)
  • Special Lectures (I-IV)
  • Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in the development of HCC - 정구흥(서울대 생명과학부)
  • Best staging system for Korean HCC patients - 엄순호(고려의대)
  • The Role of PET CT in the field of HCC - 이종두(연세의대)
  • Hepasphere - Shinichi Hori (Gate Tower Institute for Image Guided Therapy)
  • Session II : Management of HCC patients in terminal stage; What is the best supportive care?
  • Management of cirrhotic complications I (portal hypertension etc.) - 정영걸(가천의대)
  • Management of cirrhotic complications II (hepatic encephalopathy & nutrition support) - 이진우(인하의대)
  • Pain control: How can we optimize the pain medications for HCC patients? - 조성범(전남의대)
  • Psychosocial supports and hospice care - 라정란(서울성모병원)
  • Session III : Strategies for the curative therapy of early stage HCC
  • Resection: Is it real first choice? - 김완배(고려의대)
  • Ablation: Can RFA replace surgical treatment? - 이민우(성균관의대)
  • Transplantation: First or Salvage? - 이남준(서울의대)
  • Trans-arterial approach: from palliative therapy to curative therapy - 천호종(가톨릭의대)
  • Radiation therapy: potential role as a curative therapy - Masato Abei (Tsukuba University)